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Traject surveys for EPC projects
  • GT&T makes every effort to deliver an accurate report for people to work with. We believe the information contained within this report to be as correct as possible at the time of printing. GT&T does not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from inappropriate use of the information herein.
  • This report is based on matters which were observed or came to the attention during the day(s) of the survey and should not be relied upon as an exhaustive record of possible risks or issues that may exist, or potential improvements to be made.
  • This report is ordered by Client and is covered by Client's BAR* or CAR** insurance policy. Client will provide to GT&T the details of the policy, as well as a Waiver of subrogation, issued in favour of GT&T and its suppliers. Client also agrees to cover any claims for consequential damages and explicitly absolves GT&T from any liability thereto.
  • GT&T cannot be held liable for unforeseen or uncontrollable delays, changes, or events, such as Force Majeure, accidents, landslides, floods, fires, or changes to infrastructures or regulations by national, regional, or local authorities, functional or electoral changes in official bodies, incorrect information provided by local sources or local / regional / national authorities, uncoordinated or not communicated works on infrastructures, abductions, uproars, clan/tribe disputes, riots, (civil) war, - this list is not limitative. Furthermore, GT&T is not responsible for the status or availability of local equipment - it may no longer be available, making it necessary to bring along additional equipment to what was originally anticipated.
  • Safety first - GT&T cannot accept responsibility for any delays due to unsafe situations, including weather conditions.
  • Freight and other prices/quotes are strictly indicative. They must be rechecked & reconfirmed at the time of actual shipment and/or arrival at destination.
  • When the project is about to be executed, GT&T will perform a second survey to ascertain if any changes have occurred or additional issues have arisen.
  • "Client": company or entity ordering the Traject Survey to be executed. Also named "Owner or Contractor". Typically the seller of the complex to be built at destination. Can also be the buyer or end-user of the installation to be built, typically a (local) government body;
  • "GT&T": the company performing the Traject Survey for and on behalf of Client;
  • "General Conditions": GT&T's General Conditions, written on GT&T offers, order confirmations, and invoices - they form an integral part of the Agreement / Contract;
  • "Products": all products, goods, or services that GT&T offers, sells, or supplies, or has offered, sold or supplied to the Client;
  • "Supplier": the supplier, contractor, subcontractor and/or any party selling, leasing, and/or providing goods, equipment, or personnel and/or services to GT&T.
Confidentiality Statement
  • In order to maintain the integrity and credibility of the survey process and to protect the parties involved, it is agreed that the authors will not divulge any information obtained during this survey to unauthorised persons, unless instructed in writing by client, or legally obligated to do so.
* BAR = Builders All Risk
** CAR = Constructors All Risk