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Traject surveys for EPC projects
Project cargo(es) to remote and/or uncharted areas — where little or no roads or infrastructure exists... this calls for a creative approach, practical co-operation with local authorities & business partners, in an ethical, safe, and timely manner. This is where we thrive:
Efficient, cost-conscious, and total service - not only the big stuff, but up to and including the smallest package, as well as assisting with local partners or authorities.
Enabling, so every stage of the project reaches completion as planned.
Key to a good project execution is preparation: check if all eventualities are considered, and adequate measures are in place.
Where-ever your next project will be, it is our core business to investigate the constraints & possibilities along the entire trajectory at each location - providing functional solutions through solid preparation.
In the field, we use our own purpose built app, and state-of-the-art equipment (specialised software, rugged PC, satphone, etc.)
GT&T can offer a vast experience, having participated in projects in New Caledonia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, etc. We can:
Charter vessels to bring your project cargo from manufacturing site to build site at destination - and coordinate everything in between, including overseeing loading operations, proper cargo lashing, etc.
Track your cargo daily, all the way, for as long as it is in our hands - even when it is sailing!
Monitor ship arrival date & time, enable smooth port operations, and onward transport to the build site
Ensure proper safety & emergency processes are in place - from start to finish
Deal with the constraints & possibilities that were identified during the traject survey: inadequate roads, bridges, or other infrastructures, customs formalities, even people med-evac, through close cooperation with local authorities, consulates, and service providers.
If so required, we will cooperate with your in-house logistics department - consulting, complementing, supporting, achieving optimal results
Whatever or where the challenge is, call us - we look forward to actively work together to find a suitable “modus operandi” and a sure success. Seeing a project finalised as planned is the best possible satisfaction, having been part of the solution!
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